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The Secret of Real Self-Confidence

The Secret of Real Self-Confidence

Turns out, real self-confidence is closer than you might think.

Unfortunately, Google can’t help you to find real self-confidence. Because you have to search within yourself to find it.

The world is filled with unearned confidence. An empty self-image is a shell of bravado, bluster, and arrogance. You know what I mean?

Real self-confidence is compelling, like a magnet. The other stuff? Not so much.

What exactly is ‘self-confidence’, anyway? You absolutely know it when you see it. You know when you feel like you are operating at your best – and you also know when your confidence disappears. What if you could maintain a feeling of strength, even in the midst of the circumstances (or the people) that drain your confidence?

The weird thing about self-confidence is that we all possess it.

Think back to a time when you felt that you were at your best. Remember that feeling of self-confidence that somehow happened naturally. How often do you reflect on that confident time? How often do you remember that feeling, that accomplishment, that sense of “hey, I really am OK after all”?

When you are feeling panicked about a circumstance or an individual, stop yourself for a second. What’s the story you’re telling yourself, about what’s going to happen next?

Real self-confidence starts with the story you tell yourself.

Self-confidence is the antidote to fear.

Confidence, like “motivation”, “inspiration” and other touchy-feely words, describes a state of mind. “Fear” is also a state of mind.

The key to unlimited self-confidence is creating a state of mind that eliminates the negatives. Where does that negative state of mind come from?

The answer is included in the question: all states of mind come from (wait for it) your mind!

Consider the story you are telling yourself. Is that story giving you more confidence… or robbing you of the words that could help you most?

Your state of mind is you – you control the story, and (if you can change the story) you can change the outcome. Could it be that your lack of confidence is just …a thought? A thought that could disappear in a millisecond…or be repeated, over and over again, creating a pattern of events for your life?

Perhaps it’s time for you to choose the story.

Could it be that, if you knew where to look, you could find the source of true self-confidence? Confidence begins with your story. The story you tell yourself, and the story you tell to others.