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Creating New Results Together: The Value of Collaboration

Creating New Results Together: The Value of Collaboration

Nothing of any real value happens without the involvement of other people.

Do you believe that?

For a musician, you might say that the music is played by just one person. One individual. But when the music is shared – when the audience experiences the music – then the song really comes to life. I believe that playing music is its own reward, but sharing your gifts is the experience that really creates value.

Now you may say, what’s the “value” in a song?

And I would say, what’s the value in a shared experience? Some songs are better than others.

Some singers are better than others.

The point isn’t that the song, or the singer, creates value.

The value is in the sharing. Do you have ideas that need to be shared? That’s where innovation begins. Because sharing will help you to get clear on your results.

There have been times when I have had an idea, and I immediately thought, “oh, that will never work.” Inside my mind, I was lost in the Land of the Impossible.

Do you know that place? It’s the place where nothing works. Where ideas go to die.

It’s the part of your brain that tells you, “You need to lose weight.” Are you with me?

Getting clear on your results starts with your story. The story you are telling yourself.

Creating new results happens outside of the Land of the Impossible. Here’s how you can get out of that place:

  • Share your ideas with someone else. Still garbage? Happens to me too! Not all ideas are good ones. But, wait a minute: did anyone die, just because you shared your idea?
  • Understand that new ideas – new thoughts – are always on their way. So, here’s what I say: “Next!”
  • The Land of the Impossible isn’t really a place. I made it up for this blog post. But sometimes I make it up when I don’t have the courage to be more creative. More clear. Maybe you know what I’m talking about.
  • Keep moving forward. Why are you stopping yourself? If you have ideas that aren’t coming to life, you’re going to be frustrated. You feel trapped. The good news is: you are the creator, guard and warden of your make-believe prison. A little bit of movement, and a new thought, can change everything. Just make sure you’re ready to follow that new train of thought, when it shows up!

Our thoughts ebb and flow. Sometimes I’m up, and sometimes I’m down. I’m not saying I’m a moody guy (I leave those comments for my wife) but there’s one thing I know about thought: it changes. Moment to moment.

Keep your eyes and ears open for that change. That new idea. Because innovation – and new results – are never more than one thought away.

Innovation and new results are never more than one thought away.