Bulletproof Branding

What is your relationship with your brand?

Everyone wants loyal, raving customers. But how to you build loyalty—and create brand influence—when traditional advertising and marketing strategies don't work? How can you create real engagement—where your URL matches up with IRL (that's "in real life")? Here's the book that shows you how to build and influence a new kind of conversation—taking your message beyond the likes, tweets, and pokes, with a strategic guidebook to branding in the digital age. Learn how to match your message to your market, create new types of engagement, and inspire every division within your organization. Branding isn't just a part of your business—it is your business. Quite simply, this book turns traditional marketing ideas into actionable results for your brand. Today, customers have more ammunition than ever. That's why you've got to have bulletproof branding.

Bulletproof Branding Reader Reviews

  • There is a phrase in this book that has stuck with me since I read it—I won't tell you what it is, as I suspect everyone will take their own message from it. Great book, easy to read, and message well and truly received.

    Diane Dromgold Amazon Review
  • If you're in business, having a bulletproof brand is a necessity. This book will highlight the dangers if you don't create a bulletproof brand, and show you how to create one when you're ready!

    Tara Alemany Emerald Lake Books
  • I gleaned so many great takeways from it—and it taught me some new ways to think about branding and help others to do the same. I would definitely recommend this book to every business owner I know!

    Shannon Amazon Review
  • Chris does a great job explaining many things that are normally overlooked and that are 'low hanging fruit' that can be dealt with right away, generating great results.

    Alejandro Perez Goodreads Review

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