The NEW Elevator Pitch

Is your story persuasive and compelling?

There's never a good time to make a bad presentation. Take control of your personal message and discover how to make a real connection. The NEW Elevator Pitch is more than just a short two-minute speech; it's a method of communication for the digital age. Whether you tweet it or tell it, your story has to be strong... or it's lost in the noise. Here's the hold-your-handbook for creating a compelling and authentic connection with the people that matter most. In a Web 2.0 world, it's no secret that the elevator platform has been replaced with the social platform. Today, engaging and connecting isn't based on some outdated sales strategy or verbal gymnastics—it's based on you. Find out how to uncover the important stuff, overcome your nerves, and share your personal message in a way that's concise and powerful.

The NEW Elevator Pitch Reader Reviews

  • A practical, actionable guide to getting your message heard. I liked this book so much that I quickly sought out Chris for my podcast, 'Life's A Pitch'. I wasn't disappointed, he really knows and is passionate about his subject.

    Boyd Blackwood Life's A Pitch Podcast Review
  • If you ever have the need to get someone's attention in the hope of getting your point across then you'll need to start with this book.

    Bob Amazon Review
  • 'The best communication is judged not by what you say, but by what your listener does when you are done!' This book is remarkable and easily the best I have ever read on presenting yourself and your proposition. A MUST READ book!

    Stephen Pitcher Amazon Review
  • I really learned a lot about my own pitch, what to look for, and how to do it well. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking to make your own pitch!

    Luca Goodreads Review
  • The New Elevator Pitch was easy to read and follow and quite relevant to the way society has evolved to a social media platform.

    Cai Goodreads Review
  • This is an excellent read for anyone who is interested in perfecting their persuasive abilities.

    Matt Gwynn Goodreads Review

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